Enjoy your next party on the water!

Looking to enhance your next family party? What better way than to take the fun out onto the water? Pontoon boats have long been called party barges…and now you can own your own! Waterfront Products, Inc., offers a variety of stylish, comfortable, and affordable pontoon boats that will take your family fun to the next level!

Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin have plenty of lakes to choose from when it comes to planning your next weekend getaway. Why stay cooped up in the house another weekend? Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to start getting out and enjoying the beautiful outdoors! With a pontoon boat, the whole family can go without being cramped. There is enough room for everybody!

Relaxing on a pontoon boat combines the fun of boating and the coziness of family room comfort. Waterfront Products offers pontoon boat options ranging in size, power, motor type, and style. Whether it’s a small or large boat, gas or electric powered, high or low power; Waterfront Products has the boat for you! Whether it’s a leisurely stroll, a fishing excursion, a family outing, or a party experience; A pontoon boat is just what you need!

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Hydro-Bike 5 Minute Quick Assembly!

How to Assemble/Disassemble the new Hydro-Bike EXPLORER.

Not only is the new Hydro-Bike EXPLORER offered by Waterfront Products Co., Inc. safe and easy to use, it’s easy to both put together and take apart. Complete assembly or disassembly can be done in only 5 minutes with no additional tools required!


1. Place the provided seat/seat post assembly into the bike frame and tighten the quick release lever.

2. Place the rudder assembly into the bike frame by depressing the two buttons at the top of the assembly tube, sliding it into the frame.

    • Fit the rudder collar over the top of the assembly, snuggly to hold in place but do not tighten.

3. Place the handlebar into the handlebar stem. Rotate to your preference and tighten the nut with the provided Allen Wrench.

4. Place the stem into the rudder tube, perpendicular to the rudder, and tighten with the Allen Wrench.

5. Attach the handle grips.

6. Tighten the rudder collar.

7. Put the cross tubes onto the floats, aligning the floats and using the clamping knobs.

8. Place the bike frame onto the cross tubes so that the rudder is toward the front of the floats, lining up the holes on the frame with the holes on the tubes.

    • Place the bolts provided into each of the holes, attach the black clamping knobs, and hand tighten.

9. Install the drive train lever using the three clamps around the drive train, positioning the lever mount against the back of the drive train.

    • Align top and bottom clamps and lightly tighten

10. Enjoy!

Simply follow the above steps in reverse!

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Now carrying Hydro-Bikes!

The new Hydro-Bike!

Are you the type of person that likes to combine fun, exercise, and soaking up nature’s beauty all into one activity? Waterfront Products Co., Inc. has the perfect solution for you! The Hydro-Bikes EXPLORER is an upright seated water bicycle. Designed for both single and double riders, this Hydro-Bike is safety tested and is virtually impossible to tip-over. It utilizes a computer-designed propulsion system that produces a silent maintainable cruising speed of 4-6 miles per hour. Are you the more adventurous type? The Hydro-Bike can be accelerated up to around 10 miles per hour!

The upright design allows the rider to take in the beautiful natural views in the surrounding area. Whoever said that exercising had to be work? You will forget that you are burning calories while enjoying the new Hydro-Bike EXPLORER. This is the perfect equipment for all ages and all levels of intensity. Whether it’s a casual stroll through nature or a vigorous sustained workout you’re looking for, the Hydro-Bike delivers!

Not only is this product easy to use, it’s easy to transport! The Hydro-Bike can be easily transported, fully assembled, on vehicle roof racks. Want to take it apart? No problem! The Hydro-Bike can be disassembled in only 5 minutes without a single tool!

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Lowering your Environmental Impact

Go green on the water!

Do gas prices have you putting your fun on hold? Waterfront Products Co., Inc. has the solution! As the Upper Peninsula’s exclusive Apex Marine Quest and GillGetter compact and electric powered pontoon boats, Waterfront Products is making avoiding those rising gas prices possible. They also offer other valuable solutions to help lower your environmental impact without giving up your outdoor fun or conveniences.

Enjoy the fun and luxury of a pontoon boat with the “go green” electric powered outboard engine. From 2hp all the way up to 105# of thrust! These electric powered pontoon boats come with a charger on board that needs only be plugged into a standard household electrical socket.

Ever worry that the convenience of hydraulic power can adversely affect the environment around you? Well don’t any longer! Waterfront Products uses water soluble and environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid in all of its hydraulic lift systems.
Want to join the millions of people finding ways to harness the sun’s energy? Waterfront Products can help you do just that! They offer solar powered charger options for the power units on boat lift systems. The environmentally friendly options offered by Waterfront Products help keep your fun on the water convenient without sacrificing the safety of the environment around you. Waterfront Products is “products and people you can depend on”. Call today to get your free on-site inspection and system design!

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Rolling Docks Convenience

Easy In…Easy Out!

Don’t let the weather changes stop you from enjoying the convenience of a docking system any longer. Feighner’s high quality, lifetime warranted, and maintenance friendly Rolling Docks make adjusting for seasonal changes quick and easy. Rolling Docks make quick access for even those pesky shorelines. The innovative design allows you to easily raise or lower the docking system with only one turning crank.

Depending on the shoreline, it can take as little as one person to both roll it in, and roll it out! No special tools or skills are needed. For those steeper and harder to access shorelines, even a small 4-wheeler can make moving a Rolling Dock complete in minutes. No more lugging piece by piece of your docking system in and out, risking strain and injury! Work smarter not harder with the convenience of affordability!
Where can you get your Feighner Rolling Dock? Waterfront Products is “products and people you can depend on”. Call today to get your free on-site inspection and system design!

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