Rolling Docks Convenience

Easy In…Easy Out!

Don’t let the weather changes stop you from enjoying the convenience of a docking system any longer. Feighner’s high quality, lifetime warranted, and maintenance friendly Rolling Docks make adjusting for seasonal changes quick and easy. Rolling Docks make quick access for even those pesky shorelines. The innovative design allows you to easily raise or lower the docking system with only one turning crank.

Depending on the shoreline, it can take as little as one person to both roll it in, and roll it out! No special tools or skills are needed. For those steeper and harder to access shorelines, even a small 4-wheeler can make moving a Rolling Dock complete in minutes. No more lugging piece by piece of your docking system in and out, risking strain and injury! Work smarter not harder with the convenience of affordability!
Where can you get your Feighner Rolling Dock? Waterfront Products is “products and people you can depend on”. Call today to get your free on-site inspection and system design!

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